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What People Are Saying About Back To My Garden…

Geoff Stonebanks“I was extremely flattered to be approached by Dave to produce a podcast with him about my garden! I’d listened so some of the others and felt it a real honour. The production of the piece was made so simple and very laid back by Dave’s approach to the whole thing! Loved doing it and look forward to listening to it! Great opportunity! Thanks Dave!” Geoff Stonebanks, East Sussex UK,



Leona Schroeder“I’ve been enjoying the BackToMyGarden podcasts since episode number one. I love listening to the interviews and discovering new gardening friends to follow on twitter. It was an honour to be interviewed by Dave himself, and I found him friendly and easy to talk to.”

Leona Schroeder  Fraser Valley BC  @FlowerCents


Michael Perry“I love jabbering on about plants, and especially new and innovative varieties, so being able to wax lyrical about them with Dave was a dream. Cannot wait for our next chat!” – Michael Perry,  The Gardening Greek,



Joseph Rudwick“I loved being on the show it has now pushed me to do more . I have started writing gardening columns for local papers and set up a facebook group regarding my business. I hope that I have inspired people to get gardening and to enjoy the bug.”

Joseph Rudwick  Brighton England  @BikingGardener



Holly Baird“Dave Ledoux brings his audience into the gardens of his guests.  Dave has a unique way of allowing the listener to feel like they are the only one being spoken during the program.  His down-to-earth, simple approach to broadcasting allows the listener, novice or experienced, to relate and be inspired about getting back to their garden”.  – Holly Baird –



Robert Adjutant“My experience with Back To My Garden podcast is that it is an important garden resource and it is very well done!  It will help you improve your gardening and I with rate it as one of the best resources for that! To find out how to improve your gardening go to Back to My Garden!” – Robert Adjutant



Christy-Wilhelmi“I had a lot of fun talking dirt with Dave Ledoux. He made it easy to blather on about gardening with great questions and he added his own experiences to broaden the discussion. I’m excited to hear interviews with his other guests, all of whom are great resources for gardening knowledge. “ – Christy Wilhelmi Author Gardening For Geeks



Noelle Johnson“I enjoyed talking to Dave during the podcast and sharing my gardening journey.  No matter what climate you live in, gardening connects us all and much can be learned from gardeners all over.  Back to My Garden, is a wonderful way to share, learn and be inspired to try new things in your own garden!” – Noelle Johnson



Nell Foster“Two green thumbs up to Dave for for bringing fellow gardeners together with his BTMG podcast. It was a pleasure being on the show & sharing my gardening experiences with his audience. The questions were insightful & well thought out. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this podcast as it grows!”.  Nell Foster author Keep Your Houseplants Alive


Erin Meier“His passion for gardening really comes through in each of these interviews. As a guest on his show, I really felt at ease and had a fantastic time on his podcast.  What a nice guy and a heck of an interviewer. He really knows how to get a gardener ‘growing’ with the constant stream of inspiration that flies from his educational and entertaining podcast series.” – Erin Meier


E Ray Gard“It was a pleasure being a guest on Dave’s show. He was attentive, polite and kept the conversation moving with astute questions that made the whole experience very enjoyable. I was glad to share a few minutes of my time with him once, and would jump at the chance to do it again. “ E Ray Gard, The Tomato Whisperer @ERay_g



Mary Schier“I really enjoy hearing about how other gardeners got started on their gardening journey. Dave is a great interviewer — knowledgeable, insightful and lots of fun!” – Mary Schier, Editor Northern Gardener Magazine



Lara Fabans“In today’s atmosphere of rush rush rush, it’s nice to see BackToMyGarden encouraging people to try their hands tilling the soil. I especially love listening to the podcasts…it’s like I’m sitting around with a group of friends talking about problems and solutions with my garden.” – Lara Fabans



Sarah-Jane Watkinson“I enjoyed making the programme and thought of lots more things to say afterwards, about the way the gardens of the great houses of  the aristocracy inspired a trend for ordinary people to create their own gardens for food and pleasure. I’m putting the garden and allotment to bed for the winter and there’s lots of digging and clearing on the new plot to do!” – Sara Watkinson Birmingham UK


charles dowding“Being interviewed by you and chatting, the time flew by and I really hope that all we discussed is helpful to your listeners. Its a great idea to create podcasts/audio interviews that people can listen to while doing other things, then feel inspired and informed, able to make a worthwhile difference in their gardens.” – Charles Dowding author How to Create a New Vegetable Garden.



Tracy Blevins“I love the premise of Back To My Garden Podcasts because Dave invites so many different people of all skill levels to just share about why they love to grow what they grow! Everyone, no matter what they grow or how long they have been gardening, has some experience to contribute to this community. Thanks for letting me share my story about why I love to collect plants and want others to share their stories about how they are connected to plants in their lives on”  – Tracy Blevins Spotsylvanie MD, Founder


56_JimTeahan_Button_Fotor“A HUGE Thank You David” – Jim Teahan, author The Wealthy Earth,




Steven Biggs“This neat show looks at more than just plants, it’s about our journey as gardeners. Love it!” – Steven Biggs, author Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t,




Alison Levey“I was delighted to be asked to contribute to BTMG’s podcast.  I have never done anything like this before and thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Dave.  It was very exciting hearing the finished podcast and I have loved listening to the other people in this series as well.  They demonstrate yet again what a diverse and interesting group of people gardeners are.” Alison Levey, UK


Becky Godlasky“I love tuning in to hear what other obsessive gardeners are up to all around the world. I always learn something new. Imagine how much fun it was for me to chat with Dave for my episode.” – Becky Godlasky



Adam Cortell“”Dave does a great interview. He makes the interview feel like a conversation with a friend, and yet he still manages to keep it on topic. I had a lot of fun chatting about gardening with him.” – Adam Cortell, host Garden Chatter






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