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A DIY Seedling Protection System

Do you start your seedlings in March?  We do.  In our basement is a table and a couple of lamps with fluorescent bulbs.  The tomatoes get planted in the last week of March or beginning of April to be transplanted to the raised bed garden after the May long weekend.

I was poking around YouTube and found a video how-to project to build a digital monitoring system for the plants.  It uses an open-source electronics platform called an Arduino.  The manufacturer says its easy-to-use and has software.  I’m dubious.

Probably because I’m more of a “buy-it-at-Lee-Valley” and less of a “do-it-yourself” gardener.

If you’re ambitious you can combine an Arduino system with a couple of low-cost sensors and you have the ultimate monitoring system for your seedling containers.  It will monitor moisture, temperature and light to give you the data you need to create ultimate growing conditions for your vegetables.

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I think you can buy nearly everything you need at a local Radio Shack or online.  Do you need a system like this to start your plants off?  Nope.  But…if you WAAAANT one…really bad…. build one as practice, then see if the other gardeners in your local club want one.  Could be a fun project!

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What do you think?

Are you a DIY kind of gardener?

Do you have your own seedling protection system?  Leave me your thoughts below.