Remember To Always Do THIS With Container Gardens

Container Garden Check List For Early Spring

It’s mid-May.  Time to plant the containers.

Brand new resin garden containers from Walmart gardening center.  Check.

Half filled with rich potting soil.  Check

A dollop of vermiculite.  Check.

More soil.  More vermiculite.  Check and check.

Seedling planted.  In this case, giant cape goose berries and heirloom tomatoes.


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Pots arranged using my garden cart in the shade and watered.

Nitrogen-release fertilizer in inventory.


What did I forget?

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To put a drainage hole in the bottom of each pot.

Last night we got an inch of rain in a spring thunderstorm.

Pots are filled with mud.

Note to self….always remember to drill holes in the bottom of brand new pots from Walmart.

Lesson learned.

What’s the funniest garden disaster you’ve ever had?

That’s gardening.  It takes 3 minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.



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