Her Scream Was So Loud I Nearly Crashed The Car…But What Came Next Was Even Worse!

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I felt a sharp pain.

Almost like a burn, but different.  The throbbing pulsated, then became an intolerable itchy sensation.

I dropped the bag of manure to see what was biting me.

The corner of the sack of cow manure had a green plant growing out of the split about 6 inches high.  Like an idiot I picked the sack up again.

DAMN!  The pain shot up my arm again, like a searing shock.   I dropped the sack of poop again.

The assistant manager of the Walmart garden center pointed at the plant.   “Dude, that’s a nettle be careful”.

My arm was turning bright red from my elbow to my wrist where the nettle had kissed me.  I noticed that half of the sacks of manure had nettles blasting through the plastic.  My wife shook her head.  “Don’t take any with the weeds poking through.”  

It was late fall.  This manure had been sitting under the hot summer sun for months, leftovers from the spring gardening rush.  We wanted to feed our raised garden beds in October before winter hit.  I loaded 16 sacks of 30 pounds of manure into the back seat.  “Wow, that’s a quarter ton of cow dung.  Our tomatoes are going to be awesome next season!” I mumbled to myself.

Five minutes into our drive home a piercing scream filled the car.  

big scream


My wife pulled her feet up on the seat.  I swerved out of sheer panic, my heart pounding and adrenaline gushing through my system.


nasty centipedes

Big furry biting nasty centipedes.  They must have had a nest in one of the sacks of cow dung.  And I moved them into my backseat.  And now they were launching an assault on new territory, plotting planning and scheming to take over the car.

Ever try driving a car in sandals when centipedes are crawling over your floor mats?

I friggin HATE bugs.

We made it home alive.  I fumigated the car with nearly an entire can of Raid.  I unloaded the 500 pounds of poop into the shed, my nettle burns throbbing.  And then I took a hot shower for the next 35 minutes followed by a stiff drink.

But you know what?

Next summer our Marizol Gold and Mortgage Lifter heirloom tomatoes are going to be glorious.  My hot Naga Viper peppers are going to be gnarly and red and burn like lava.  The anticipation for next season’s garden is in direct proportion to the effort.

A price must be paid, right?

You’re a garden lover.  Designing beautiful spaces comes at tremendous effort sometimes, doesn’t it?

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to YOU in the garden?


I’d love to hear your story.  Drop me an email or if you’d like share it below for other gardeners and landscape designers to enjoy!


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