What’s The Magic Word That Will Transform Your Landscape Design Business?

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Listen close.

You’re going to like this one.

I’m going to show you a special word that can completely transform your business.  I’m as serious as a mad scientist.  Imagine working way less, and having more client referrals than you can handle.

A pipe dream?  Hang on.

marketing software for landscape designers

It all started with a simple book.

Actually, from a single story from a book.

Once upon a time this brainiac professor of psychology ran an experiment that changed an entire industry.  He hired a couple of students to be his guinea pigs.  His laboratory will surprise you.  It was the photocopy machine in the school library.

Nowadays we all have ink jet printers with built in scanners but twenty years ago there was always a long line up at the photocopiers in the university library.  He created 2 variables for his experiment there.

In one variable a student would walk to the front of the line and ask to cut in.  You can imagine how popular that was.

The second test was slightly different.  The student would ask to cut in, and then give a reason like “because he was in a hurry and late for class.”

With me so far?  So subject A would ask to cut the line.  Subject B would ask to cut the line and give a reason.

I’ll save the amazing details for you to enjoy when you read his book..  I’d like you to please order Influence by Dr. Robert Cialdini and read it twice because it will become a blueprint for how you do the marketing at your landscape design firm.

Here’s the BIG takeaway.  The kid that gave the reason was allowed to cut the line by a huge order of magnitude versus the student with no reason.   But here’s the kicker.  It didn’t matter what reason he gave.  The magic word was “because”.

Our brains are wired to cope with “why” and “because”.

Remember when you were a little kid and you wanted a cookie?  And your mother said no.  And you’d ask “why?”.  What was the invariable answer?

Because I said so.

Any time you’re dealing with a potential client, their powerful subconscious is always scanning in the background, looking for why.  You must give them the because to win the day.  Today it’s known as “Reason Why Marketing”.

So how does this help you make more money in your business?

Listen.  I’m about to give you a gold nugget.  Actually, more like a sack of gold nuggets.

Imagine having more referrals for your business than you can handle, and it only taking 10 minutes per week to generate.

Sound too good to be true?  Stick with me.

Our culture has a tribal custom built into our society that’s a powerful link to our past.  We have an ingrained social obligation to recognize the solar anniversary of our successful expulsion from the birth canal.

We call it “Happy Birthday”.

Today most adults get ZERO birthday cards.  In fact, the majority of adults get less than 3 phone calls from friends and family on their birthday.  What’s the #1 way that most people get wished a happy birthday?

Facebook.  Good grief how lonely.

happy birthday

So how can you generate an immense amount of goodwill, and be top of mind with your past clients when it comes time to generate a referral?

Easy.  Send 2 handwritten birthday cards per week to past clients.  And call those 2 past clients to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Just 10 minutes of work per week.  But in a year you’ll have phoned 100 past clients on their birthday.   No secret agenda, no pushy sales talk.  Just “Hi it’s Dave.  From ACME Landscaping, we did your backyard last spring.  I just called to personally wish you a happy birthday Tom.

You want more referrals than you can handle?  You need to be “their guy”.

Being “their guy” is about TRUST.

Do you think their real estate agent that sold them the half million dollar house called them on their birthday?  Doubt it.  Think the kid at the Audi dealership called them on their birthday?  Nope.  Did their stockbroker call to personally to wish them well?  Not a chance.

Just you.

In a world where everyone suffers from the disease of being lonely, stressed and overworked you called them.  Why?  Because you’re a great human being.  Because you value them as a long term client relationship.  Because you’re awesome and deserve top of mind status.

Because you are organized.  Because you have long term follow-up programmed into the marketing DNA of your company.  Because you use a software system that does all that thinking for you.

There’s the rub.  You’re swamped too.  You’re busy in a world that needs a 25 hour day.  And you lack the systems to automate referral generation in 10 minutes per week.

I have good news.

For a long time I’ve been telling my coaching clients and associates to automate.  Let a machine do the heavy lifting when ever possible.  Eliminate decision fatigue, overwhelm and work less, but smarter.

I’d like you to please take a free demo of a software system that can automate the marketing in your design business because it will help you increase your profits.

Imagine walking into work on a Monday morning and knowing exactly what past clients have birthdays, anniversaries and special important dates in their lives this week.  Would it make it easier to send birthday cards if the central marketing brain of your operation reminded you with a text message that you need to write 2 cards at 11 am this morning and it even addressed them for you?

Imagine knowing exactly how many quotes your team gave last week.  Would it make the follow-up easier?

Imagine knowing how many prospects requested your special report on “3 Ways To Improve The Resale Value Of Your Home” yesterday and who to phone after lunch to book an appointment.

It’s the ultimate software system for a landscape design company to track, tune and test marketing, client follow-up, prospect generation, and profit-getting.

Sounds good, right?  CLICK HERE to take a test drive of the demo.  Look for the big blue button in the top right corner of that page that says GET A DEMO.  Click it then scroll down and fill it the request.  And step boldly into the world of marketing automation.  

Work less.   Make more. Because you’ll have tremendous marketing and follow-up.

I told you this would be a good one!  

Let me know what you think of the demo.  Test drive it hard.  If you like it I can hook you up with some proven cash-generating email templates and prospecting landing pages to help you squeeze even more horsepower out of it.  

Because you’re awesome.