Fagor 670040230 Best Stainless Steel Electric Pressure Cooker Review

What is the best electric pressure cooker on the market?

I have something special for you.

It’s a 3-in-1 pressure cooker that’s dishwasher safe, inexpensive, and electric!

It’s perfect for seniors, students, large families, and working parents.  Talk about ideal for the modern family.  If you want to make delicious nutritious meals then check out the Fagor 6 Quart Multi-Cooker!

Fagor Electric Multi Cooker

Fagor Electric Multi Cooker

What Do You Mean by “3-in-1”?

You can cook food in 3 completely different styles using the Fagor!  It functions as a rice cooker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker.  Hence the title “multi-cooker”.


Does it have a self-locking lid?

Yes, the lid on the pressure cooker is self-locking.  The handles on either side of the lid are “stay cool” handles.  The lid will not open if there is built up pressure inside for safety.


Can I put it in the dishwasher?

Yes, the Fagor 670040230 is dishwasher safe and non-stick stainless steel.


How big is the footprint?

The pressure cooker stands 13 inches tall and will fit on a 12 inch x 12 inch square.  It weighs just 11 pounds empty.  Like a 10-pin bowling ball.



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Fagor pressure cooker lid

How much liquid does the pot hold?

It is a 6 quart pressure cooker.


Does it come with an instruction manual?

Yes, it comes with a manual as well as some of the best slow cooker and pressure cooker recipes.  If you have a family to feed you will enjoy them immensely!


What are the knobs on the lid for?

It comes with a dual setting knob for low (5 psi)  and high (9 psi) pressure as well as 2 built-in pressure control valves for your safety.  It has an auto-pressure release.


Does it have a digital readout panel?

Yes, it’s very simple to set it to cook rice, brown meat, and to keep food warm.  It has a setting for the slow cooker as well.  You can program it to automatically cook your food with an 8 hour delay timer.  The LED panel shows you clearly what’s going on.


Do I need a battery for it?

No, batteries aren’t required.  The Fagor runs on standard 110 volt household power.  Perfect for the boat, cottage, RV, or camping.  Remember to bring your extension cord.


Can I use it on a Coleman or propane stove?

No, you’ll kill it if you put in on the fire.  It’s electric.  Put in the food, plug it in and it will do the rest.


Does it have a California Prop 65 warning?

Yes.  If you live in California do not eat the power cord.  Plastic wiring isn’t good to eat, right?


Can I cook an entire pot roast in the slow cooker?

Absolutely!  If you like tender meat that falls off the bone, you’ll enjoy the slow cooker and the 40 recipes that come with the Fagor.

Watch The Fagor Multi-Cooker Instructional Video:

What are some of the best recipes that a family can cook in it?

Some of my favorites are beef stroganoff, brisket, brown rice, and homemade beef stew, just to name a few meals that start with the letter b.  Seriously, you can eat something different every single day of the year in this thing!


What parts wear out or accessories that need to be replaced?

The silicon gasket that seals the lid should be maintained following the directions in the manual.  Basically don’t let it get dried out with food build up and clean it properly.  The non-stick liner can be scratched if you abuse it with metal tools (note to teenagers, use a rubber spatula!) and can be replace for under $20.  It comes with a teflon-coated aluminum liner and a stainless steel liner is available.


Can I use this slow cooker instead of my old crock pot?

Yes, the slow cooker setting is perfect for you.  Remember you can also cook rice in it quickly after you take the stew or roast out.  Fast and convenient.


Can I get rid of my old rice cooker on Craigslist?

Yes, see previous answer.


My 18 year old is going off to college in the fall.  Would this be a good gift for a graduate?

One of your biggest expenses at university after tuition and books is food.  Learning basic cooking skills like using a single pot to cook an entire meal is probably a more valuable life skill than first year calculus or political science.  It’s an awesome gift for someone heading out on their own for the first time.  They can use Youtube to find endless recipes for it!


How long does it take to cook rice?

White rice cooks in 6-9 minutes depending on the length of the grain and how warm the water is that you put in.  Brown rice cooks in 14 minutes or so.  See the recipe manual for details included in the box.


How big is the inner diameter of the pot?

If you are cooking huge roasts you may need to cut it half and stack it.  The inner diameter of the pot measures just under 9 inches (8.8) across and 6.5 inches deep.


Does this make a good gift at Christmas for a friend who loves to cook?

This makes an amazing Christmas present!  And Black Friday.  And Cyber Monday.  There are frequently special offers, pricing promotions and awesome discounts on shipping available around all  the holidays.

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Fagor cooker control panel

Where is it made?

China.  Let me qualify this by saying the Fagor is made of great quality with a stellar satisfaction guarantee.


Is this pressure cooker good for seniors?

The handles are designed to stay cool.  It has 2 auto-pressure safeties.  You can’t open the self-locking lid if there is any internal pressure.  It only weighs 11 pounds empty, probably less than most house cats.  My grandmothers crock pot was built like a small truck and she was fine with it.  They say 70 is the new 55.  So I’d say yes, they will love it.  They may call it “new-fangled” and use words like “in my day” and “gizmo” but secretly they can’t wait to fire it up.


Help!  My husband accidentally threw my manual in the trash.  Where can I download it?

No problem!  You can download a copy of the Fagor Electric Pressure Cooker Manual, just right click to open it in a new tab.


Can I make home-made chicken noodle or vegetable soup in this?

Yes.  In fact, you should.  Prepare to be amazed by the intense flavors because of this style of cooking!


Can I cook Basmati Rice in the Fagor?

Definitely!  There are plenty of delicious Indian Food recipes that work tremendously in the pressure cooker.


Can I use this for pressure canning?

It is probably not your best choice.  You want the Fagor Futuro 10 Quart Pressure Canner.


Can I use this on the burners on my stove?

It’s ELECTRIC.  It’s the best self-contained electric stainless steel pressure cooker that I have reviewed.  Tell your teenager when they use it when you aren’t home NOT to put it on a fire, in a fire or near a fire.  Plug it in, press the beeping buttons, follow the directions.


Some Quick Tips for the Fagor Multi-Cooker:

  • cooking food produces condensation.  You have a condensation reservoir under the pot that captures it.   Empty it after use.
  • when you receive your box via courier and unpack it, remember to wash and rinse all your removable parts in warm soapy water.
  • only the removable cooking pot is dishwasher safe.  never submerge or put in the sink the outer housing where the electronics and electrics are.
  • food under pressure requires at least 1 cup of liquid to be added
  • don’t fill the slow cooker more than ⅔ full with food and cooking liquid.
  • if cooking food that expands, don’t fill past ½
  • the slow setting will cook your food up to 9.5 hours
  • if the unit beeps at you twice, you simply forgot to hit the START button
  • do NOT use this as a deep fryer
  • remember that steam is hot, do not touch
  • you can cook polenta and risotto as easily as rice!
  • the delay setting will start your cooking later up to 8 hours
  • you can cook an entire beet whole in under 15 minutes
  • you can cook corn on the cob in 5 minutes
  • you can cook a salmon steak in 6 minutes
  • you can cook a smoked pork butt in 24 minutes
  • tougher and often cheaper cuts of meat do very well in the Fagor

Slow Cooking Food


The Fagor 6700402230 has a warranty for one year from the date of purchase as long as you operate it and take care of it within the instructions in the manual.  Fagor America will replace parts and labor to fix defects in materials or workmanship.   You can register your pressure cooker at FagorAmerica.com

IF YOU NEED SERVICE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Please contact ADCO Customer Care at 1.877.743.2467, or by email at: fagor@adcoservice.com



This is the best stainless steel electric pressure cooker reviewed on the largest online retailer in the world.  The average satisfaction rating is 84%.  More than 500 customers have left their feedback and input, and the community has answered over 6 dozen item specific questions.



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