Grow Your Own Vegetables In A Container Garden

How To Organize A Backyard Container Garden

Everyone is talking about learning how to feed their family healthy, organic food.  The smartest way to do that is to grow your own vegetables in your backyard, patio or balcony.  For that you will need container pots.



Raised bed gardening in containers is simple, cost-effective and fun.  It requires some planning, and some thinking in order to maximize your yields, and minimize water and pests.


tomatoes in containers

Backyard container gardening


Our site will give you tips, dvds, ebooks, and plans to get started with vertical gardening and container gardens regardless if you are experienced or a beginner.  Organic gardening in your own yard is a rewarding lifestyle choice.  You get to eliminate or minimize pollutants, pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that your family should avoid.

For those of you looking and if you want to learn how to grow amazing tomatoes outdoors in your own container garden stay tuned for information on soil selection, trellis construction, garden kit reviews and video tutorials on everything from preparation to recipes!

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How To Grow Amazing Tomatoes Outdoors In Your Own Container Garden