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BTMGPocastFeaturedGuestAs you know the price of food is rising.  Add to that sales taxes, gasoline taxes and inflation even more of our paycheck disappears.  Some people have found a way to grow their own delicious organic vegetables, beautiful flowers and healthy herbs at home. Most people that I show this to get really excited, curious and want more information.  But…some of them don’t.   You know the type.  They love to complain, watch too much TV and do nothing instead of taking care of themselves and their families. In 1995 just 25% of Americans believed that their food supply was of concern.  By 2005 nearly 75% of people were concerned about their health and their available food choices.  This is a HUGE movement! There are 2 types of people in the world.  Those who want to take charge of their food for their families and those who don’t.  You’ll enjoy the BackToMyGarden podcast because 3 times each week we interview passionate gardeners from around the world!

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • how you can take charge of your future for your family
  • how to get the word out to a million future gardeners about BTMG
  • how to find, share and subscribe to free gardening tips and strategies from passionate experts
  • why gardeners are so passionate and where it comes from

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