California Sweet Potato Strategy with Douglas Welch

California Sweet Potato Strategy
Douglas WelchDouglas Welch is a pioneer in the world of podcasting, food blogging and new media…and he’s a heck of a great gardener! Residing in southern California he battles the drought, heat and unique challenges to create his own oasis of peace and enjoyment.

Douglas is an Amazon author, and has been podcasting since 2004, literally 14 days after the word “podcast” was invented! You will find him warm, approachable and willing to share loads of gardening wisdom and experience in this interview.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the differences in gardening in Southern California compared to Ohio
  • why gardeners learn best by DOING
  • how to apply what you learn in gardening books and videos
  • a disaster in a rose garden turned into a sweet potato bonanza!





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This is the book Douglas mentioned on the show!

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Douglas Welch Garden Blog –  A Gardener’s Notebook

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