More Mulch Please with Megan Phelps

More Mulch Please
Megan PhelpsMegan Phelps loves organic gardening, beautiful garden photography and blogging.  From her garden in northeast Kansas she shares her real-world experiments this season with giant Japanese cucumbers.  An avid participant in this years #GardenConnect Challenge, Megan discusses what’s growing great, what’s fascinating her and what is frustrating in her garden.

Megan got her start in gardening in a humorous and surprising way.  Her passion for growing could not be stopped by minor inconveniences like not actually having a garden!


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • how heavy mulch with oak leaves creates a weed-killing strategy
  • how to transform brutal clay soil through composting
  • bee colony collapse and the importance of nurturing pollinators
  • what is a “Nippon Sanjaku Kiuri” and how does it taste?





Mother Earth News –

This is the book Megan mentioned on the show!


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