Imagine A Scene From A Hitchcock Movie with Adam Cortell


Adam CortellAdam Cortell is entering his second decade gardening his favorite half acre.  He is passionate about suburban homesteading and using his own two hands to create new things.  He blogs about eclectic topics like how to build a morning glory trellis and homemade chicken waterers.  But it wasn’t always easy for Adam.  His early days were discouraging and bordering on horrific.  The infestation story in this episode will send shivers down your spine.  CAUTION: leave the lights on when you listen to this interview!


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the HORROR of war … Adam vs. nature
  • what to do when you have too many cucumbers — how to make new friends
  • tips to plant a pollinator garden to attract beneficial bees and butterflies
  • why new gardeners NEED to try raised garden beds







Resources Mentioned

Gardening Know How –

Monterey Sluggo Snail & Slug Control For Organic Gardening – 2.5 lb Shaker Jug LG6500

This is the book Adam mentioned on the show! 

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