Four Season Urban Gardening with Cathy Rehmeyer


Cathy RehmCathy Rehmeyereyer is a gluten-free cook, a medical school professor and a year-round gardening enthusiast from Kentucky. Her neighbors are distant and ancient relatives of the infamous Hatfields and McCoys. To say her property has a bit of a slope is … well … an understatement. Cathy is gardening on the edge of a massive hill. Think ski run garden.

The unique micro-climate created by the hills combined with poly tunnel strategies allows Cathy to garden the entire year. Imagine the joy of fresh veggies year round!


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • secret weapon – the science of low tunnels for year round gardens
  • bonanza – 3 types of tomatillos
  • tips for hillside survival when planting and weeding
  • from container gardening to gorgeous terraced rows






Resources Mentioned

Mother Earth News:

Eliot Coleman – 4 Season Farm

Margaret Roach – A Way To Garden

This is the book Cathy mentioned on the show!

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