A Year in Your Garden with The Biking Gardener with Joseph Rudwick


Joseph RudwickJoseph Rudwick of Brighton England is famously known as “The Biking Gardener”.  He loves to help others with their gardens, from landscape design to creating new beds.  He is a fan of digging in the dirt and helping others to create beautiful spaces in their backyards.  He is the creator of the “A Year In Your Garden” program for worry-free garden planning.  Joseph is unique in that his entire gardening business is mobile … that’s right!  When you see him pedal up you know something is about to get planted, weeded or seeded!


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • everything coming up Kale – superfood or nightmare?
  • how Joseph went from a single strawberry on a window sill to a busy gardening business
  • discover the BIG 3 – miracles of light, air and space in the garden
  • how to know when to surrender in your struggle



Resources Mentioned

The Encyclopedia of Plants – Royal Horticultural Society

Gardener’s World – http://www.gardenersworld.com/


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