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Jim TeahanJim Teahan loves gardening 12 inches at a time!  He is a certified Square Foot Gardener and is passionate about teaching others how to grow their own food.  He pushes the limits of his climate zone in Utah, often enjoying vegetables when the weatherman says it’s impossible.  Jim believes that true wealth comes from the Earth and the closer we live to it, the healthier and happier we will be.


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • how Jim went from playing professional baseball to embracing the gardening lifestyle
  • Jim’s first garden and plants – NOT what you might expect!
  • a great garden writer, Jim gives us the news on his book
  • how a chance encounter with a man named Mel changed his life forever
  • BIG surprises for next season – Tatsoi, bok choy, mizzuno and Claytonia
  • Jim’s MASSIVE realization about soil amending with raised garden beds
  • why you shouldn’t listen to “experts” about YOUR winter garden






Resources Mentioned

Mel Bartholomew –

Johnny Seeds –

This is the book Jim mentioned on the show!

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