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Andrea PtakAndrea Ptak is known as “The Green Queen of Mod”!  She is a brilliant garden writer and blogger, editor, graphic designer and avid gardener.  Andrea loves photography, cooking, knitting, costuming and singing.  She describes herself as a naturalist and upcycler.  She is passionate about native plant gardening, and has enjoyed growing them from Syracuse to San Antonio to Seattle, where she currently calls home.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • how Andrea comes from a long line of European gardeners
  • how she was lucky to inherit a brilliant garden
  • the incredible challenges of gardening on limestone – swapping a shovel for a jackhammer!
  • Texas gardening – hello wild persimmons and prickly pear cactus!
  • Native plant gardening – the joys and wisdom
  • “zero-scaping” – severe droughts call for critical thinking and decisions
  • strategies to keep your garden SNAKE FREE next summer!


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Resources Mentioned

Garden Chat:

Native Plant Wildlife Garden –

Plant Native –

This is the book Andrea mentioned on the show! native Plants of the Pacific Northwest

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