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Cindy RajhelCindy Rajhel is the author of “50 Homemade Fertilizers & Soil Amendments”.  She calls Texas home.  An avid gardener, Cindy loves to share her ideas on her fabulous gardening blog, and on her instructional Youtube channel.  She produces fantastic teaching tips for school age kids to help them discover the joys of gardening.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • blueberries and pink Lady Slippers in the early gardening days
  • foraging for Fiddleheads – have you tried them?
  • cursing the cabbage worms – is it possible to win?
  • recipe for watermelon rind pickles
  • how to build raised garden beds for $140
  • why THIS is the #1 secret to gardening success
  • tips on starting your own garden club and school garden


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This is the book Cindy mentioned on the show! 

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