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Robin HaglundRobin Haglund  is an incredible gardener.  She has spent a lifetime with the soil ranching and farming all over California, Virginia and the Puget Sound region of Washington.  She’s a contributor to Growing A Greener World on PBS with Joe Lamp’l, and she’s the primary contributor to the Garden Mentor’s blog.  When Robin isn’t out in the garden, she’s also an avid cook, gardening teacher and lecturer, and enjoying the outdoors.  She believes that when you open your heart and follow your passion, great things will happen.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • tips to properly prune raspberry canes
  • the Sunchoke – an alternative to potatoes
  • the hottest new gardening trend – it’s NOT what you might think!
  • the 4 letter word that doesn’t belong in your garden!
  • Robin’s efforts to raise awareness to combat diabetes


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Resources Mentioned

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Seasonal Wisdom –

This is the book Robin mentioned on the show! 

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