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Scot PoirierScot Poirier  is excited about gardening!  His passion for growing and digging started with a single humble tomato 26 years ago.  With the possible exception of eggplants, Scot loves growing vegetables of all shapes sizes and descriptions.  He’s a brilliant blogger, a great gardening book author and loves sharing his gardening wisdom.  His personal garden brings him joy in New Hampshire.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the magic of “Greenhouse Day” in high school
  • why failure and frustration is your friend your first year in gardening
  • Scot’s nemesis: the squash bug
  • the perfect vegetable to grow for the patient gardener
  • 98 tomato plants and counting!
  • the Scorpion Pepper nearly blew his face off

  • Discover How To Earn Your First $500 (or your next) As A Garden Blogger!  Simple 5 Step System Reveals How To Create Your Own Second Income Doing What You Love Part-Time.  Download instantly for free the Garden Blogger Blueprint Mindmap & Cheat Sheet at
  • What’s the hottest trend in gardening?  Can you really grow a massive garden powered by FISH?  Discover the secrets to AQUAPONICS!


Resources Mentioned

Dried Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper Pods – Hard to Find Limited Edition of the Hottest Pepper in the World 1,400,000 SHU (7.9gr-1/4oz) Super Hot and High Quality T Scorpion Pepper with an Amazing Test


This is the book Scot mentioned on the show! 

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