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65 MarkGardner_button_FotorMark Gardner  is truly a gardener by name and by nature!  He is the supreme commander and head gardener at Bugh Trig, an 18th century Georgian estate near the borderlands in Berwickshire Scotland.  In this interview we dive deep deep deep into what possibly was the best gardening summer ever for the UK! We discuss some of the incredible gardening tips and tremendous wisdom that Mark can share with us.  The daily effort to keep a 250 year old garden gorgeous gives Mark amazing insights.  He believes a true garden never stops.


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the long tradition of the Scottish gamekeeper and estate gardener is a noble one
  • Mark’s love of roses, dahlias and Delphiniums
  • how winter can help to manage pests in the garden
  • how to keep mice out of your garden
  • Phytolacca americana – Virginia Pokeweed
  • herbaceous borders and 200 dahlias


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Resources Mentioned

Wellingtonias – The Washington Tree

Top 10 Clever Gardening Tricks

Bugh Trig Garden

This is the book Mark mentioned on the show! 

Our Guest’s Links

Follow Mark Gardner on Twitter – http://twitter.com/BughTrigGarden

Visit Scotland’s BughTrig Garden –  http://www.gardenvisit.com/garden/bughtrig_garden


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Listen to Mark tell us about gardening in Scotland Here:

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