Gardening Seattle Style with Karen Hugg


Karen HuggKaren Hugg is an avid at-home gardener from Seattle Washington.  After 20 years of  passionate gardening which began with a single flower and a copy of Better Homes & Garden Magazine, she has thousands of hours of accumulated wisdom to share.  Karen has been a garden designer professionally for a decade.  She has an awesome blog filled with tips and Karen has a genuine love of helping people transform their spaces.  She believes the #1 rule of garden design is “right plant, right place”.


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the therapeutic benefits of gardening for seniors, baby boomers and all generations
  • secrets to creating “fluffiness” when gardening in difficult clay soil
  • how to be BOLD with faux tropical plants
  • the risk of wet feet with clay soil
  • if you love heat, try the Chilean Fire Tree!
  • fighting the scourge of the English Ivy






Resources Mentioned

Oregon State University Plant Database –

Great Plant Picks –


This is the book Karen mentioned on the show! 

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