Overcoming My Fear of Roses with Karen Kemp Docksteader


Karen Kemp DocksteaderKaren Kemp Docksteader is the sales and marketing manager for Weeks Roses, one of the largest rose producers in America.  She’s a mom, sister, animal-lover, Eastern shore native and lover of roses and all things green!  Weeks Roses is extraordinary at making the world more beautiful for the past 77 years.  Karen and I discuss my fear of roses and how intimidating they can be to a new grower, and we discuss a ton of great ideas when it comes to your flowers.  Her motto is “roses are weeds that just happen to be beautiful”!


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the relationship between roses and apples
  • how tough and hardy roses actually are
  • tips for preventing winter kill
  • what 3 million roses on 1400 acres looks like
  • the blues – “Midnight Blue” and “Out Of The Blue”
  • a little rock and a little roll – introducing the “Neil Diamond”
  • the “Lady Elfie May” and the “Ketchup and Mustard”



Resources Mentioned

Edmonds Roses – http://www.edmundsroses.com/

Star Roses and Plants – http://www.starrosesandplants.com/ 

Breck’s – http://www.brecks.com/

Gardens Alive – http://www.gardensalive.com/

This is the book Karen mentioned on the show! 

Our Guest’s Links

Follow Karen Kemp Docksteader on Twitter – http://twitter.com/KarenKemp51

Check out Weeks Roses – http://WeeksRoses.com

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Listen To Karen tell us all about rose gardening Here:

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