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Karen Kemp DocksteaderKaren Kemp Docksteader is the sales and marketing manager for Weeks Roses, one of the largest rose producers in America.  She’s a mom, sister, animal-lover, Eastern shore native and lover of roses and all things green!  Weeks Roses is extraordinary at making the world more beautiful for the past 77 years.  Karen and I discuss my fear of roses and how intimidating they can be to a new grower, and we discuss a ton of great ideas when it comes to your flowers.  Her motto is “roses are weeds that just happen to be beautiful”!


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the relationship between roses and apples
  • how tough and hardy roses actually are
  • tips for preventing winter kill
  • what 3 million roses on 1400 acres looks like
  • the blues – “Midnight Blue” and “Out Of The Blue”
  • a little rock and a little roll – introducing the “Neil Diamond”
  • the “Lady Elfie May” and the “Ketchup and Mustard”



Resources Mentioned

Edmonds Roses – http://www.edmundsroses.com/

Star Roses and Plants – http://www.starrosesandplants.com/ 

Breck’s – http://www.brecks.com/

Gardens Alive – http://www.gardensalive.com/

This is the book Karen mentioned on the show! 

Our Guest’s Links

Follow Karen Kemp Docksteader on Twitter – http://twitter.com/KarenKemp51

Check out Weeks Roses – http://WeeksRoses.com

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Listen To Karen tell us all about rose gardening Here:

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