Garden Patio Ideas and Design with Ben Jones

Ben Jones Ben Jones is a professional horticulturist in Cambridge England.  He’s a Wisely graduate, a Royal Horticultural Society blogger, plant lover, photographer and fitness focused gardener.  Ben is known as The Hort Doctor, and he’s keen on helping enthusiasts to develop their green spaces.



In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • gardening in a dense urban area is a unique challenge
  • the rise in the UK’s “Grow Your Own” movement
  • backyard patio designs for beautiful and easy maintenance
  • choosing professional horticulture as a viable career path
  • the impact of a killing frost on the insects in a garden
  • tidal surges and violent weather in SW England
  • how to find great gardening resources in the internet age







Resources Mentioned


HORRIBLE DISEASE – Blumeria Graminis

Bomarea –

This is the book Ben mentioned on the show! 


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