The Gardener’s Voice with Adrianne Denise


Adrianne DeniseAdrianne Denise is The Gardenista!  She’s a multi-talented voiceover artist, a former radio host and DJ, and an absolute garden lover!  She encourages people to get busy digging.  Her philosophy of sharing her bounty helps everyone to grow together.  Adrianne gardens in Greensboro North Carolina and believes that gardens and people are like snowflakes, no two are identical.


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • her first garden was a humble tomato and cilantro
  • the wonders of okra, cotton, kale, cauliflower and peanuts
  • obsession with beautiful gourds
  • the power of composting
  • Beef Master, Roma and Cherry tomatoes
  • the challenge of stopping lettuce from bolting early






Resources Mentioned


Smiling Gardener Academy

This is the book Adrianne mentioned on the show! 

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