Secrets of The Northern Gardener with Melanie Watts

Melanie WattsMelanie Watts loves growing food in a short gardening season.  She’s passionate about sustainable, organic cold-climate gardening.  Like vegetables that mature in 60 days or less and perennials that survive in minus 40!  Melanie is a Master Gardener, an avid blogger and lives in northern British Columbia Canada.


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the unique challenges of inheriting a gorgeous garden
  • the vital importance of open-pollinated seeds
  • can you overwinter root vegetables like carrots, potatoes or even beets?
  • what happens if you plant peas in October?
  • chives and sorrel micro-climate strategies
  • “Silvery Fur” indeterminate heirloom tomato
  • don’t be fooled by the first sunny day in May


Gardening Resources Mentioned

Far Out Flora –

Northern Gardener Magazine – with Mary Schier

This is the book Melanie mentioned on the show! 

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Growing Food in a Short Season: Sustainable, Organic Cold-Climate Gardening


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