Easy Landscaping Garden Design Ideas with Shelley Sparks

Shelley SparksShelly Sparks is a talented garden designer and feng shui advisor.  Her company Harmony Gardens helps clients to create beautiful spaces and a lucky life.  Shelly is the author of “Secrets of The Land, Designing Harmonious Gardens With Feng Shui”.  She teaches, is a landscape architect, lecturer and consultant, and garden blogger in Los Angeles California.



In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • turning a brown thumb green over time
  • why gardens are a healing space
  • the unlikely garden designer – brown thumb, can’t draw, no Latin
  • the challenges of gardening in a city hit with drought
  • landscape garden ideas for luck and harmony
  • encouraging ideas to swap the front lawn for drought-tolerant native plants
  • tips for starting with Feng Shui
  • do you possess THIS type of micro-climate in YOUR garden?




Gardening Resources Mentioned

Dave’s Garden – http://davesgarden.com

Monrovia – http://www.monrovia.com/

This is the book Shelley mentioned on the show! 

Our Guest’s Links

Visit Shelley Sparks online:  http://HarmonyGardens.net

Follow Shelley on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/shelleysgarden


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Listen to Shelley tell us about designing harmonius gardens here:

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