Rare Heirloom Seeds with Julie Slezak

Julie SlezakJulie Slezak encourages all gardeners to embrace heirloom seeds.  The flavors that come out of her garden are unique and incredible.  Julie and her husband Scott run Annie’s Heirloom Seeds, a non-GMO heirloom seed company.  They grow some of the rarest, hard to find varieties on an island in Lake Michigan as well as with a team of partners across the US and Europe.  AnniesHeirloomSeeds.com


In This Episode You’ll Discover …

  • The beginners garden — the big 5 collection
  • 55-day cherry tomatoes from Russia
  • how to grow heirloom tomatoes
  • pest control through companion planting
  • the challenges of acid island soil
  • Why heirlooms taste better- – Science!





Resources & Books:

You Can Farm by Joel Salatin

Annie’s Heirloom Seeds


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