Growing Nutrient-Dense Food with Phil Nauta

Phil NautaPhil Nauta loves growing organic, nutrient-dense food.  And writing about it on his incredible gardening blog   And teaching it.  And supplying other gardeners with the resources to make their gardens better.


In This Episode You’ll Discover …

  • growing organic vegetables
  • perennial food plants
  • composting with variety
  • plant diseases and soil imbalances
  • the ocean as an incredible source of nutrition







Resources & Books:

Building Soils Naturally: Innovative Methods for Organic Gardens by Phil Nauta

The Non-Toxic Farming Handbook by Philip Wheeler and Ronald Ward

Science in Agriculture: Advanced Methods for Sustainable Farming by Arden B. Andersen



Watch the Podcast Interview Here:







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Listen to Phil tell us about growing nutrient-dense food Below:

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