Organic Heirloom Seeds from California with Brijette Romstedt


Brijette RomstedtBrijette Romstedt is the owner of San Diego Seed Company, the only urban producer of organic, heirloom seeds in all of California.  Her seeds are hand-harvested, and hand-packaged in San Diego, and sold online and through many local nurseries.  Brijette works with numerous charities and educational forums to teach the importance and value of seed saving.


In This Episode You’ll Discover …

  • California Heirloom Seeds
  • Growing practical food to help local communities
  • “cool season” gardening in San Diego
  • Converting lawns to native plants or edible gardens
  • Can you use molasses as a fertilizer? Oh No!





Resources & Books:

Food, Inc.

Slow Food

Seed Savers Exchange

Gardening When it Counts by Steve Soloman


Watch the Podcast Interview Here:






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Listen to Brijette tell us about organic heirloom seeds Here:

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