Beyond The Wild Garden with David Corscadden

David CorscaddenDavid Corscadden is passionate about the outdoors, connecting with nature and the environment.  He loves how gardening can form a bridge to bring people together.  He is a brilliant blogger where he writes about plants, nature, gardening and food.  In 2013 his blog was named to the Garden Blog Hall of Fame and in 2014 it was named Best Great Outdoors Blog.



In This Episode You’ll Discover …

  • The “grow-your-own” popularity
  • Disaster in the garden – the water feature experiment
  • Lavender & sunflowers
  • The youth movement in horticulture





Resources & Books:

Royal Horticultural Society

Grow Your Own: Veg by Carol Klein



Watch the Podcast Interview Here:





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Listen to David tell us about gardening with nature below:

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