Discover The Secret To DIY Backyard Aquaponics

Do You Ever Wish You Could Eliminate Your Grocery Bill?

You’ve landed on this page for an important reason.

You know that there are a special group of men and women that know how to combine fish farming with gardening to produce their own food creating machine.

There are two types of people in this world:  those that create their own food, and those that are dependent on a government system to create if for them.

Aquaponics is the secret to freedom and independence.

There must be some reason why some home aquaponics systems outperform others.

Is it the size of the tank?

Is it the pump?

Is it the fish varieties?

Is it the grow beds, media, and choice of plants?

Do YOU know where to start?  How to do it on the cheap?  Where to begin?

Now You Can Get Your Hands On The Greatest Goldmine Of Aquaponics Secrets Ever Stuffed Into A Single System!

In a big hurry?

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TILAPIA fish in your own tank

I’ve always been impressed with original thinkers who could take an idea, develop it, test it in the field, draw conclusions, improve the key drivers, roll it out, and then harness it’s power.

There is a man I know who is the leading expert on building small inexpensive gardens powered by fish waste.  You need to meet him and learn from him.


Imagine this:


  • having your own aquaponics set-up that provides you and your family a whopping 40-50 pounds of fresh tilapia and 600 to 800 pounds of fresh vegetables, herbs and greens every year!  (say good-bye to your grocery bill!)
  • helping friends and family that want to learn about building a garden for beginners powered by simple goldfish, crayfish and catfish!  (so easy that even your cousin Larry could do it!)
  • In winter enjoying zucchini, root vegetables, and delicious yellow perch even if there is snow on the ground (hello indoor system design good-bye microwave dinners!)
  • having all your design questions about pump sizes, pH levels, nitrate, grow beds, starter medium, bacteria and bio-filters all taken care of by a master teacher (no more guessing, no more searching endless youtube videos!)
  • having the skills to go into any town, any city in any country on Earth and build your own DIY aquaponics tower from basic household materials  (can you say freedom and independence?)
  • growing healthy food for your family free from cancer causing carcinogens, no pesticides, no herbicides, no chemical fertilizers and no empty calories (the ultimate in food security and production)
  • having an arduino control that runs your tank pump, heater, filtration and circulation if even you aren’t at home (your very own automation station!)
  • knowing how to draw out basic aquaponic equipment plans and a list of cheap materials that eliminate the guess work and questions that most novices need answered (you will be the go-to expert for aquaponics in your town!)
  • taking basic river rocks, lava, and some gravel to aquascape your tank (most people overspend on setting up their first system)
  • having a garden that yields hundreds of pounds of food with no weeding or cultivating (your back will thank you)


Can You Pass This Test?

A small natural disaster or a man-made screw up interrupts the highways to your town for 4 days.  You’ve seen the news reports of locals in Florida when a hurricane approaches, haven’t you?  Food is gone from the shelves.  People are hoarding bottled water, duct tape, batteries and cat chow.  Would you be screwed like the natives?  Or would you have fish and vegetables to tide you and your family over the food crisis?

You’re interested in learning more about aquaponics.  You’re smart.

You’ve tried to explain this to certain people and they look at you like your nuts.  Good.  Food independence isn’t for everyone.  Not everybody is going to understand (or agree) with your decisions.

What’s next?  Make sure you watch this video.  It will take you less than 10 minutes and it could quite literally save your family’s life.


Never Underestimate The Power Of Owning Your Own Aquaponics System


Here are 10 quick tips that most people will never know unless they become a fish-powered gardener like you and me:


  1. You can grow a variety of species of fish including shellfish like shrimp and crayfish, catfish, algae eaters, betta, tilapia, koi, perch, and common gold fish.
  2. You can create an indoor system to have fresh greens, parsley, arugula, strawberries, herbs and lettuce year round.
  3. You can use your indoor setup as a seed starter to prepare your seedlings for planting in the spring, giving you fresh tomatoes weeks ahead of your neighbors.
  4. You can creatively finance your construction of your bigger system by pre-selling your fresh full-grown tilapia to private investors.
  5. public and home-school students are learning about aquaponics and the chemistry of the waste conversion in their classrooms.
  6. creative gardeners are making a second income from home as virtual aquaponics consultants teaching system setups online via skype.
  7. There is huge demand in rural villages in developing nations for aquaponics design and set-up.
  8. Your own clean food source can be built on a small scale for the price of 10 large pizzas if you know how.
  9. You can combine your tank setup with a small greenhouse for year round food even in severe winter climates.
  10. Homesteaders, preppers and survivalists are embracing aquaponics.


If You Can Press Play, Then You Can Build Your Own System


Learning to build your own home aquaponics system is as simple as pressing play on a video.  Everything is broken down for you step-by-step.

Take notes, Chill out with your favorite beverage and watch each module again and again.  Creating your list of parts and equipment has been taken care of.  You can get nearly everything you need to start at Lowes, Home Depot or on Amazon.

Questions about pump size, tank size, heaters, aquascaping, worms, or wicking beds?  No worries, all FAQ’s are taken care of for you.  Just start with this 7 minute video that explains how and why.

Share the bounty of aquponic gardening

Uncover The Ultimate Solution for Your Clean Food Source


Everyone needs a coach.  I’ve found the top rated guy that teaches aquaponics to other teachers.  When the government needs a system set-up in a third world country, they call this guy.

The richest man in the world Warren Buffet once intimated that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  You’ve made the decision to learn more about securing your family’s food supply, lowering your grocery bill, enjoying healthy fresh vegetables that you grow yourself and enjoying fish whenever you desire.

You can learn how to build your system by trial and error.  That’s the slow, painful and costly way.  You can work with an expert.  That’s the smart way.  Let someone with years and years of experience in the field building real world fish powered gardens take you by the hand and equip you step by step.  You can become a strong independent leader with the knowledge to build set-ups anywhere in the world.


I strongly suggest you CLICK HERE and watch this special video right away.

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Good luck in your journey.




Indoor home aquaponics – the science of fish-powered gardens