Tips For Growing Ginger In Containers

Is This The Best Way To Grow Fresh Ginger In A Container Garden?

See how to successfully grow and harvest ginger in containers in your garden. These tips will let you grown your own fresh ginger easily! See ginger harvests and realize how easy it is to grow ginger in containers. Ginger is best when fresh so you will love the experience of growing your own ginger. Growing ginger in containers is easy and will give you a constant supply of delicious ginger.

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It’s easy to grow.  It’s fresh and delicious out of your garden.  Use a 15 inch garden container with compost and fresh clean dirt.  Ginger grows very well in compost.  Vegetable peels, fruit peels and shredded newspaper can deliver a lot of nutrients.  Keep the soil loose in the container.  Keep harvesting a little bit at a time, and allow the remaining ginger to regrow.  Take what you can use in your cooking, and let the rest of the ginger to mature.


Why Should You Grow Your Own Ginger?

  • ginger is delicious
  • incredibly nutritious
  • a favorite of chefs and cooks
  • versatile, and stores well in the fridge
  • regrows from itself
  • looks amazing in your containers

You can break the ginger apart, and replant the small parts in a new container to regrow from the scraps.  You can use the healthy ginger tops in cooking, the greens can be composted as well.

Remember to wash them nicely, store them in the fridge and use a small bore food grater to prepare the ginger for cooking.  Use a small hand trowel to dig around the base, be gentle and don’t pull the entire plant out.  Fresh ginger has a tremendous value with chefs, it makes a wonderful gift.  You can trade it with your friends for delicious items from their garden as well.



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