How To Sprout and Grow Black Beans

How To Grow Black Beans.

These are beans that he put on a little plate to germinate them a couple of days ago.  They are starting to sprout.  Put a paper towel down, wet it, put black beans down, and cover it with another paper towel.  Keep the beans moist by wetting the paper towel every couple of days.

Black beans germinate very well.  Once you have the seedlings sprouted get serious about moving them to seedling pots on a sunny window sill before moving them to your garden.  This will take about 1-2 weeks to germinate and sprout, plant them 1/4 inch under the soil and keep them moist.

Black beans are extremely nutritious, high in fibre and delicious.  And they taste even better when you grow them yourself in your garden!



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