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Can you really build a massive vegetable patch powered by tilapia?  I’ve been fascinated with fish-powered gardens ever since I first read about it.  I’ve been interviewing experts, compiling questions around supplies, aquaponics kits, beds and tanks, seasonal maintenance and pricing equipment.   While no means complete, I have a ever-growing list of top questions, points to keep in mind for beginners, and my #1 favorite resource so far if you’re looking to get into aquaculture and build your own set-up.

Click Here for Aquaponics For Beginners!


Bulbs & Flowers

Our favorite place to buy perennial flowers and bulbs :


Container Gardening

Free Cheat Sheet reveals the secrets to growing amazing heirloom tomatoes outdoors in your own container garden!  Includes a video breakdown of my favorite heirloom tomatoes ranked by color, taste and growing habits.

Our newest review of cool container gardener gadgets is the Drain Smart Disc.  This durable poly pot liner creates optimal drainage, and gives your tomatoes, herbs and flowers the love they need to flourish!

drain smart disc filters

The Ultimate Gardener Gift

Hot Peppers

Do you love growing and eating the world’s hottest peppers?  This year we are growing Trinidad Scorpions, Naga Viper Peppers, and Chinese 5-Colors.  My hot sauce that I make is so delicious and intense I nicknamed it Zeus!


Soil Amending

Our favorite place to learn more about soil nutrition is Annie Haven’s brilliance.  Feeding your soil is the #1 secret to huge yields and fabulous gardens.


Garden Blogging Related

Garden Blog Hosting

The BackToMyGarden blog is hosted by our friends at Host Gator.  Get a discount coupon here.


Gear Reviews

Garden Carts

Our favorite garden cart to date is the Gorilla Carts Gor866d Review.  This rugged cart can handle any challenge, from hauling gravel and waste to dumping firewood.  This is an eye-catching gift perfect for every gardener.


Portable Greenhouse Kits

What do you do when the want to extend your growing season?  Early spring frosts and cool autumn nights can radically shorten your garden’s life and affect your harvest.  Start your seeds early and push your zone later with yoru own greenhouse on your patio or in your backyard.  Here’s a round-up of our favorite greenhouse kits.


Pressure Cookers & Canners

Do you love to cook?  Are you into home canning?  Here is the break down and analysis of our Top 3 Best Pressure Cookers/Canners.  The good news?  All are priced under $299.  I have been lucky to interview some canning experts on the podcast, and whether you are a serious waterbath canner or stepping up to pressure cooking, you will be able to create amazing meals!


All American 921 Pressure Cooker Review