How To Grow Cranberries

How Do You Grow Cranberries?

Well, you’re going to need some tall rubber boots.  And a long rake.  And your own private lake.  And a whole lot of patience.  And a generous financial backer with seed capital wouldn’t hurt either.

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Most Americans eat cranberries once per year in late November.  Almost 1/5 of the entire crop of US cranberries are consumed over the Thanksgiving weekend.  A lot of them are turned into cranberry juice.  People wise to nutrition understand the potent healing ability of this humble berry.

But do you actually know what goes into growing cranberries?

Are they farmed?

Picked wild?

Where do the cranberries we eat over the holidays on our turkey come from?

This documentary pulls back the curtain on US commercial cranberry production.  While it’s a cash fruit crop that you and I will probably never grow in our gardens, it has limitless potential as the North American population ages and the trends of health and nutrition continue to grow.

Go underwater and high overhead to see cranberries as you’ve never seen them before. We unlock the secrets — and bust some myths — of this truly American fruit.

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The next time you’re at the grocery store and see the cranberry cocktail on the shelf, you will know where it actually comes from!



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