How To Make A Garden Flower Gift Basket

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Here is a fresh flower basket arrangement video showin a  DIY demonstration.  Don’t be scared if this is your first time.  Every great basket designer was once a complete novice.  Expect to screw up and make mistakes in the beginning.  It’s a fun craft if you keep a postive attitude about learning a new skill.
Make your own all around flower basket as a gift or centerpiece for Mother’s Day or a wedding.  If you did this with some ambition you might turn it into a nice little side income working from home.  If you’re an avid gardener you can use the flowers fresh from your containers or pots.

Step 1 is to locate your favorite wicker or craft basket.  These can be painted or unpainted.  Most hobby stores charge an arm-and-a-leg so take your time to shop around for a quality basket with a budget-friendly price.  Get a few extras to experiment with painting techniques, or using colored yarn or other decorations.

The decorative boxes are used as risers.  Notice the ribbon in a tasteful color to complement the boxes.   When the plant material is first added the green foundation is created to build color, texture and depth upon almost like a solid matte canvas.  The flowers are added in layers, and in various stages of maturity.  Look at how the rose buds, full blooms and immature flowers work together to create the perception of time and movement.

The colors are added in stages, with each species adding a variety of shades and textures.  Examine your basket from all angles.

How many colors can you see?

How many textures can you see?

How many dimensions can you perceive?

What’s working?  What’s missing?  What doesn’t belong?

After you are NEARLY satisfied with your work, put it away for 2-3 hours and don’t look at it.  Then return for a fresh perspective and new inspiration.

DON’T ask a friend or a family member for their suggestions.  Pablo Picasso didn’t ask his mother-in-law for her input.  YOU are the artist.  Explore your inspiration and be bold, decisive and take risks with your baskets!


How To Make A Garden Flower Gift Basket


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