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Matthew PottageMatthew Pottage  is a truly tremendous plantsman!  He is a keen garden writer, and a self-diagnosed conifer addict.  Matthew is the Deputy Curator at Wisley Gardens, a 136-year old majestic 240 acre showpiece in London England.  He is a lover of retro crisps and 90’s comedy.  Matthew asks the hard gardening questions, such as “Can you grow a Cheeseplant or Bird of Paradise in the heart of London?”.



In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the best gardening advice is – just have a go!
  • Matthew’s fascination with Green Living Walls
  • the importance of developing your style and freedom when in your garden
  • garden design ideas that never go out of style
  • the thrill of expressing art at Wisley – a million guests a year!
  • why salvia is NEVER boring!
  • the perils of Yorkshire gardening – salty air, boulder clay and naked







Resources Mentioned

Thompson and Morgan – http://www.thompson-morgan.com/

Royal Horticultural Society Gardening Blogs – https://www.rhs.org.uk/education-learning/blogs/libraries

Wisely Gardens – a million garden lovers a year!

This is the book Matthew mentioned on the show! 


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