How To Grow Amazing Tomatoes Outdoors In Your Own Container Garden!

Discover The Secret To Growing Your Own Fabulous Heirloom Tomatoes On Your Patio Or Balcony – Special Cheat Sheet Uncovers The 5 Dirt Cheap Tools I Use For Delicious Container Garden Tomatoes!

planting patio garden in recycling containers

How Clever! Recycling Bin Tomato Containers


Do you want a copy of my “Tomato Cheat Sheet”?  Last year I grew 23 varieties of heirloom tomatoes.  To save you time I made a list of my 5 favorite tools and shortcuts.  You can download a copy for free at

I’ve been very fortunate to interview some exceptional gardeners on my gardening podcast that know their way around pots and containers.  If you grow indeterminate tomatoes in your pots one of the challenges will be tipping over…seriously, make sure you weight down the pots with heavy stones if you plan to let your tomato plants grow over 2 feet tall.  We grew some Sweet 100s with a medium size cage and a full 5′ bamboo stake this season, and after every single rain storm I’d go out and have to pick them up.  Of course the impact of falling over would send tiny green fruits rolling all over the patio.

Remember that indeterminates will grow way too tall for your pots, so be prepared to snip off the tops at a height that makes sense.  The big lesson this summer was picking pots way larger for tomatoes than you believe you will need.  If you can find the big recycling bins, try them.  I know they are awful looking, but the flat base will provide a much more stable environment for you.  I was grabbing deck chairs to act like a fence for some of my containers in bad weather.  I’m going the big, ugly flat bottom route next summer.

The Mortage Lifters did ok in pots, as did the Omar’s Lebanese, the Boxcar Willy and my Isis Candy.  We grew 6 varieties in pots and a dozen in our raised beds.

One of my absolute favorites was The Gypsy.  Big, meaty, heavy and just bursting with sensational flavor.  If you love toasted tomato sandwiches, you can not go wrong with this!


Gypsy Tomato

Gypsy Heirloom Tomato



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If you’re looking to grow heirloom tomatoes in your own container garden, download the cheat sheet, tell your friends and share below!


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