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Wayne MeadorWayne Meador is a man on an important mission.  His passion involves teaching about sustainability in our day to day lives.  From documenting the path from farm to fork, to researching eco-friendly businesses, to building seed-sharing communities, Wayne shows it all on his network A World 4 Change TV.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • what Wayne learned by building a mobile garden
  • DIY guide to airwicking pots
  • why you need your own aquaponics set-up
  • advice to cope with dying plants and harsh winters
  • permaculture – what is it and how do you design it in your life?
  • interesting experiments with BIOCHAR, cold frames and poly tunnels!


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Resources Mentioned

Shawna Coronado – http://shawnacoronado.com

Blake Kirby – https://www.youtube.com/user/daddykirbs

One Yard Revolution – https://www.youtube.com/user/OneYardRevolution

This is the book Wayne mentioned on the show! 

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Follow Wayne Meador on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wmeador

Visit Wayne’s Network channel: http://AWorld4Change.com


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Listen to Wayne tell us about gardening and sustainability Here:

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