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Aaron DaltonAaron Dalton is an avid clay soil gardener from Tennessee.  His popular gardening blog has a massive resource list of U.S. botanical gardens.  Aaron’s goals include inspiring others to pick up a shovel, a watering can, a seed packet and to cultivate a little corner of planet Earth.  He believes that biodiversity and sustainability starts inside each of us.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • differences in gardening between Philadelphia and Nashville
  • “zone pushing” – exciting and challenging the limits of hardiness
  • zinnias and the butterfly – a love affair
  • Knockout Roses – the controversy continues!
  • Chicago Luster, Coral Honeysuckle, switchgrass, Northwind and Heavy Metal
  • Indian Hawthorn vs. the Polar Vortex


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Resources Mentioned

Deb’s Garden –

Clay and Limestone –

This is the book Aaron mentioned on the show! 

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