Landscape Garden Ideas & Endless Possibilities for Garden Design

Amy WhitworthAmy Whitworth loves to connect with nature.  She works with clients to design beautiful, tranquil and inspired gardens.  Amy enjoys teaching, especially about intimate space design and native plant habitats.  She has a gift for helping people to adopt “new eyes” to see a garden as it could be, rather than how it is.  Amy gardens in Portland, Oregon.   Her website is



In This Episode You’ll Discover …

  • Growing tropical plants indoors
  • Planting a driveway garden
  • garden design ideas for any zone and size space
  • Slash & burn designers vs. vision driven designers
  • The dream of a green plant on every window sill in NYC
  • Rain Gardens







Resources & Books

Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy



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Listen To Amy tell us about designing inspired gardens below: