Raising Awareness for Community Gardens with Heather Wood

Heather WoodHeather Wood adores composting, bees and mycelium.  She composts in her town in Washington and helps raise awareness of her community gardens.  OlySunrise Compost Concierge is Olympia’s first and only 100% bike-powered home compost collection service.  You can learn more about Heather and her company at http://oly-wa.us/OlySunrise/


In This Episode You’ll Discover …

    • Building bee hives
    • Composting experiments with mushrooms
    • Vermiculture – red wigglers vs earthworms
    • Zero Waste Concepts with composting







Resources & Books:

The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins

Toward Saving the Honeybee by Gunther Hauk



Watch the Podcast Interview Here:





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Listen to Heather tell us about community gardens Below: