Noah Herron introduces us to Urban Farmer

Noah HerronNoah Herron introduces us to Urban Farmer.  Urban Farmer provides seeds, plants and garden supplies for home gardeners and farmers.  They have a large selection of non-GMO vegetable seeds, herbs, fruits, flowers and farm seeds.  I noticed on their web store they sell the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, nearly 1.5 million Scoville units!  Urban Farmer has produced over 40 varieties of seeds each year on their farm in Westfield, Indiana for the past 7 years.  Find all this at


 In This Episode You’ll Discover …

  • Pink Brandywine tomato
  • The 80 foot rule for genetic purity
  • The F1 Hybrid, Open-Pollinated vs non-GMO vs Heirloom explained
  • The growing popularity of kale
  • tips on how to grow heirloom tomatoes






Resources & Books:

Purdue Agriculture Extension

Seed Savers Exchange


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