An English Wild Garden with Alison Levey


Alison LeveyAlison Levey considers herself a passionate amateur gardener.  Her spectacular gardening blog is a true feast for the eyes, filled with color and perspective.  In this episode we discuss the unique personalities of geraniums, nasturtiums,  begonias and their roles in non-traditional settings.  Alison is keen on blending styles, with her cottage garden and wild garden creating a unique atmosphere in her space.  Alison lives and gardens in Leceister in England.


In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • pond battles – the problem with Parrot Weed!
  • gorgeous garden ideas – prairie planting, cottage style and knot gardens
  • the ‘3 strikes and you’re out‘ rule – how to deal with stubborn plants
  • tips for aspiring garden writers – are you getting dirty enough?
  • the actual plant that Robin Hood used to make long bows out of



Resources Mentioned

England’s Royal Horticultural Society:

NGS – Gardens Open For Charity:

This is the book Alison mentioned on the show!

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