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Eric SteltzerEric Steltzer loves the connection to seasonal cycles of nature, escaping the city stresses, and the feeling of self-sufficiency from growing ones own flavorful vegetables.  He is an American gardener working the soil of England.  Eric is adventuring in organic and permaculture gardening near London.  He believes that “gardening is a playground — keep it fun!”.



In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • the surprising location where Eric gets his manure
  • how the English climate differs from America
  • January broad beans and perpetual spinach
  • corn, cabbage, peas and pigeons – gardening tips you can use
  • slugs and snails and a sea of chest high weeds
  • sticky clay and secrets to soil amending
  • how to grow your own fertilizer
  • organic allotment plot gardening tips on Youtube
  • how a chaotic garden can be a good garden
  • compost can be a magic potion in the soil



Gardening Resources Mentioned

Royal Horticultural Society – – 

Interview with Charles Dowding

This is the book Eric mentioned on the show! 



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